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Kishkinta A Theme Water Park with Exciting Rides - Tambaram – Chennai - India
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Fabulous Theme Park For family and Friends -  Palanjur - Chennai


KISHKINTA is a Theme Park set in 120 acres of specially landscaped hills and lakes.

Thirty minutes south of Chennai City, the park is situated five kilometres west of Tambaram Bus stand and Suburban train station. The design philosophy behind this green clad leisure center is simple - new and wholesome family entertainment.

Kishkinta ia a household name and the favorite fun destination for kids from six to sixty. Kishkinta, a theme water park with exciting dry rides is an ideal destination for family and group entertainment. The amusements, attractions, water games and rides, make Kishkinta India's No. 1 Theme Park .


Kishkinta Rides:

White Water Ride

3D Theatre

Flume Ride

Space Shuttle

Chennai Kuttralam

Tora Tora

Aqua Slide

Manthira Arai

Water Volcano


Dome Slide

Road Train

Rain Disco



Boat Merry Go Round

Tourist Boat


Arabian Nights

Dodging Cars

Bumper Cars

Water Scooter



Dragon Coaste


Adult: Rs 360/-

Children: Rs. 260 /-


Weekdays (Mon-Sat): 10:30 AM to 07:00 PM

Sundays & Holidays: 10:30 AM to 08:00 PM


Contact Information:

Company Name: Kishkinta

Contact No.: +91 44-32468548, 32468549, 32910078, 22387260

Address: 82, Varadharaja Puram, Tambaram , Chennai- 600044